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We Help Citizens and Governments Work Together to Get to Better Outcomes through:

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Insights for Citizens

Budget is the heart of a government as it reflects its priorities. Our platform aims to help you gain insights into your government's priorities and performance without the burden to figure out where the data is buried on the Internet.

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Insights for Governments

We aim to help governments stretch local tax dollars so citizens can live better. Our cost-effective solution leverages artificial intelligence technology for governments to perform predictive analytics on potential impacts of the policy or budget allocation changes.

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Open Collaboration

Our platform allows users to contribute and comment on specific programs for each local area. It expands the problem-solving and innovation ecosystem so that together we will make our communities and world better.

PolicyInsights gives you a simple and intuitive national platform to engage with your governments to understand the services provided and their outcomes as well as to benchmark their performance against other similar cities, counties or states.



To provide a cost effective technology solution that would help local governments use artificial intelligence to:

  • 1) improve the citizen engagement on services and programs provided;
  • 2) inform policy decisions and service delivery.
The end result is better outcomes that benefit our customers and their communities.


A world where public policy and investments are driven by impact and evidence.

  • Christina is a problem solver, an innovator, and a disciplined risk-taker. After twenty-four years of a successful career in the private and public sectors, she became an entrepreneur based on her vision to promote better evidence and better outcomes in public policy and services.
  • Prior to launching her company, Christina successfully led the Federal Government implementation of the Digital Accountability & Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act) with the goal to track nearly $4 trillion dollars in annual spending and link data from multiple domains into one common standard. As a result, the public has better insights into the who, where, what, why and how much of federal spending.
  • She is applying her deep knowledge in public finance and her extensive business experience to build a company that is financially, socially and politically impactful.
  • Read her blog.
  • Read her recent radio interview on her career journey and PolicyInsights.

C. Christina Ho
CEO & Founder


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Unleashing the Power of Financial Data in State and Local Governments.

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